He Used To Deal Cocaine On The Streets, Now He’s An NBA Superstar. How He Got Here Will Inspire You.

By the time he was 15 years old, NBA superstar, Caron Butler, had already been arrested 16 times. The 16th arrest led him to one year in prison, most of which was spent in solitary confinement – about 23 hours each day. That experience had an incredible impact on Caron and he made a decision to change his life for the better.



When he finally served his time, he got a job at Burger King, stopped hanging out with the wrong people, and truly got his life together. But then something unexpected happened. One day, Caron could hear people aggressively approaching his house and it turned out to be the police. They had gotten a tip that there was dope in his garage… and it turned out to be true.


The drugs were not Caron’s, however, so he pleaded his case that he was completely innocent and being set up. Then something amazing happened. The police officer in charge decided to believe the young man’s story and by a miracle, let him go. Because of that one act of grace, Caron made a promise to himself to be successful and always remember what his life could have been.. which probably would be one similar to what he was living before prison. Because of that one act of grace, he’s now an NBA superstar and a generous philanthropist to troubled youth.


Here’s our takeaway: This is an incredible story of grace, opportunity, hard work, responsibility, doing the right thing and embracing your full potential!


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