He Had His Students Write A Letter To Their Future Selves… Now He’s Giving Them Back, 20 Years Later!

20 Year Old Letter

Bruce Farrer wouldn’t describe himself as an “upstanding teacher”, he simply thinks that he gave his students a “different kind of assignment.” The assignment was to write a letter to their future selves, indicating that he would return them 20 years later… and he’s following through with that promise.


“For me, it’s a lot of detective work. The kids are going every which way, and this… excites me!” says Bruce. That energy is absolutely necessary as the spunky professor tracks down every single student year after year, no matter where they’ve settled down. All of his students are extremely grateful for this amazing man who has never given up or forgotten them. As one student said,


“…If he could only see what these things meant to us years down the road, the profound experience that is reading a letter from yourself as a child. I think that he should pat himself on the back.”


Here’s our takeaway: Going above and beyond for others to give them something special will, in turn, inspire them to do the same.


Learn more about Bruce here.

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