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kid on piano and amanda crying

Teen Writes Song About Grandma’s Alzheimer’s, Has Judge In Tears With Heartwrenching Performance.

When Harry Gardner took the stage at Britain’s Got Talent, something about him suggested he was a head above the competition. The quiet 16-yr-old humbly answered all of the judges questions and announced he’d be performing a song he’d written all on his own.

The tune was written for Harry’s nan, who was diagnosed with Alzheimers 3 years ago. It beautifully shows the heartache and hope a family feels when a loved one is diagnosed with the disease. From the first few notes the song struck a chord with everyone in the audience and not a dry eye was visible in the room.


Titled ‘Not Alone,’ the song gives a window into the life of a family member after their loved one is diagnosed with the memory thieving disease. Though the words project a certain sadness, it also celebrates the memory of Harry’s nan and a life well lived and loved.

Check out the beautiful tribute and share with your friends today.