Harley-Davidson Bikers Are Going Green. Talk About Breaking A Rough Reputation.

harley davidson sustainability

The Harley-Davidson community is doing the last thing anyone would expect: planting trees. In an effort to save our environment and keep roadways scenic, the company is working with the Nature Conservancy to plant 50 million trees by 2025.


empty roads harley riding
Image via Harley Davidson Riders Club of Great Britain

Renew the Ride, which is part of the Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees initiative, calls bikers to action and they’ve already made some amazing progress. The Harley-Davidson Foundation has donated $550,000 in annual grants and planted 1,000 trees in Virginia to celebrate this exciting venture.

harley riders planting trees
Image via Harley-Davidson Renew the Ride
trees planted by harley riders
Image via Harley-Davidson Renew the Ride

The next step for Renew the Ride is planting 110,000 trees in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest over the next few months. With benefits like clean air, regulation of climate, and clean water, the importance of trees cannot be stressed enough.

harley davidson team planting
Image via Dealer News
men planting trees renew the ride
Image via Suffolk News Herald

The overall impact of the Nature Conservancy’s efforts is invaluable. They’ve restored 120 million acres of land in 35 countries, and they’re sure to get closer to their lofty goal with their dedicated and abundant group of supporters. It’s so cool to see people come together with passion for a cause and make a real difference.

Now this is how roads should look

harley rider among trees
Image via American Marketing Association
harley rider
Image via Rota 67
scenic roads for riders
Image via Memoria Motor

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