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Local Cops Visit “Newest Recruit” After Dad Turns Girl’s Wheelchair Into Cruiser.

Police officers in Thornton, Colorado are thrilled to see a brand new recruit hitting the city streets.

Haley Hauck may only be seven years old, but she’s already got the heart and soul of a trooper. The child suffers from a form of epilepsy that depletes her kidneys and eyes, so she relies on a wheelchair to get around most of the time. When Haley’s dad noticed her latest obsession with law enforcement he took the opportunity to incorporate fun into her daily routine.


Pulling out his tool kit, Haley’s dad created a customized wheelchair cover that looks just like a police cruiser. The black and white car even has working lights and a siren to help the little girl catch the bad guys. Her dad says he created the cop car wheelchair in an effort to bring a little fun into his daughter’s life.

“I made it so she can have fun,” he stated. “When she gets in and out of a wheelchair, she has an idea of why she needs a wheelchair, but now it’s fun.”

Not only that, but since Haley’s condition is degenerative the family is not sure that she will retain her vision down the road. For that reason alone, her dad knew he had to make these youthful years as much fun as he possibly could.


“Her eye condition, and what could possibly come with that, kind of encouraged us to jump on that and do something while she would see and feel and remember. It’s not a wheelchair; it’s almost a toy for her.”

Haley absolutely loves her new ride, spending hours tootling around her driveway and up and down the sidewalks outside her home. When the Thornton Police Department heard about Haley patrolling her neighborhood they knew they had to meet their city’s newest recruit.


Officer John Carter pulled up outside of the Hauck family home one evening to say hello, and Haley could not have been more excited. Officer Carter chatted with the family for a while and then stuck around to pose for pictures with Thornton’s tiniest officer.

Haley was especially thrilled to have her picture taken in the front seat of a real cop car, and her parents were no doubt wiping away tears of joy as they saw their daughter having such a wonderful experience. She will definitely never forget the kindness displayed by the local police department that day.


Later that day the Thornton Police Department shared pictures of Officer Carter and Haley on their Twitter page.

“These pictures were too precious not to share!” They wrote. “Officer John Carter and Haley sharing a common bond, “Police Work.” Haley’s dad converted her wheelchair into a police cruiser. Thanks for joining the force, it is an honor to work with you.”

Haley’s mom says the visit from law enforcement meant so much to their family. “It meant the world to us for all that she goes through,” her mom said tearfully.


Haley is definitely a special little girl with a lot of imagination! It’s so nice to see a dad like hers who goes the extra mile to make her smile. The fact that her community police are also big fans of hers makes this story all the sweeter!

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