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11-Yr-Old Paralyzed On Hike Gets Incredible Gift From Neighborhood Builders.

We all take risks every day. It’s just a part of being alive.

From driving to work to biking around the neighborhood, we don’t often think about how our daily activities have the potential to turn into devastating events. Hailey Cheng was just 11 years old when in one split second, her life changed forever.

hailey before injury

In July 2018, Hailey and her brother, Darren, visited relatives in Calgary, Alberta, for a week. Enjoying the summer weather, they all thought it would be fun to hike to Troll Falls in Kananaskis one day. But when they reached the top of the falls, Hailey slipped. She fell over the edge of the waterfall, hitting rocks on her way down. She was lucky to survive.

hailey injured

Among other horrific injuries, Hailey suffered a fractured skull, a broken back, and a severed spinal cord. She was left paralyzed from the waist down. She’s had to adjust to living in a wheelchair, which hasn’t been easy considering her family’s home isn’t wheelchair friendly… or rather, it wasn’t, until incredibly generous people stepped in.

hailey in wheelchair

The family knew that in order to make life easier for Hailey, they would need renovations for the majority of their home to make it wheelchair accessible. That included widening the doorways, getting a stair lift, and  rennovating Hailey’s too-small bathroom. The Chengs set up a fundraiser through GoFundMe to help cover the massive cost of all of these changes. That’s when a home building company took notice and made them an unbelievable offer.


When Alair Homes heard Hailey’s story, they told the family they’d be happy to retrofit their home… for free! In just two weeks, a group of volunteers organized by the company installed a chairlift and new flooring upstairs, and renovated the bathroom to make it more accessible from Hailey’s bedroom.


“It was a challenge. It was some late hours for some of these guys but it came together,” Paul McGavigan, a partner at Alair said.


Now Hailey can easily get up and down the stairs. Previously, she just stayed on the first floor. While life is still very challenging for Hailey, her day-to-day activities are much less difficult thanks to all the people who put in the time and effort to help.

haileys stair lift

If each of us gave a little of ourselves to benefit others, imagine how much of a difference we could make for people in need! Thanks for setting such an amazing example, Alair Homes. The world needs more charitable companies like you.

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