A Mother Of 2 Couldn’t Pay For Her Groceries. Then A Man With Scary Tattoos Did Something So Sweet.

At first glance, you may think David Bugarin is scary based on the intimidating tattoos (including horns) on his face and neck, but the truth is that his heart is soft.

“I get the looks and I see the people get uneasy when I come around, until they know me, until they talk to me and find out who I am,” he explained.

When a helpless mother went up to the counter to pay for her items at a Walmart in Roswell, her credit card was declined as her two children stood and watched. She then put her items back and started to walk away, but David refused to let that happen. So, he took $100 and quickly gave it to the woman, darting away afterwards.

“Something told me you know to help her out. I had like $120 in my front pocket and I reached in my pocket, like I didn’t do it for everybody to see me, you know, I had it in my hand and I handed it to her,” David said.

This is the kind of story can rub off on others and inspire them to make a positive difference in someone else’s life.

Watch below and share the kindness today!

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