Woman Creates Epic “Piggenheim Museum” With Art For Her Adorable Guinea Pig.

Everyone reaches a point when they just have to do something in quarantine. For Teresa Michell, that moment came sooner rather than later.


Her boyfriend was in the hospital for an emergency unrelated to COVID-19, and since she couldn’t visit him, she needed to find something to take her mind off things. Inspired by some other artists, she decided to set up a fine art museum for her guinea pig Maisie, and it’s just incredible!


“I kept thinking about the Met in New York City,” she wrote. “The creaky hardwood floors and tall ceilings. Heavy gold frames. That’s what I tried to emulate as I created the Piggenheim.”


And she didn’t just draw random scribbles for Maisie! Teresa took famous works of art and recreated them to meet the needs of her adorable guinea pig audience.

Now, the museum features tiny animal versions of masterpieces by Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, and more.


As silly as the concept is, Teresa said, “This project really helped me get through a tough time.”

Plus, she’s “proud” of the final product. Why wouldn’t she be? These drawings manage to be hilarious and impressive at the same time!


As for Maisie, she is apparently a very opinionated art critic.

“She spent time at each miniature work of art,” Teresa said. “Maisie nibbled on the frame of the Kahlo. I’m not sure if that was her saying she liked it or hated it. She was also very intrigued by the Lichtenstein and the Magritte. She did not seem to care for the Picasso because she chittered at it a lot!”


Not only was this creative project a great way to pass the time, but it also got Teresa plenty of attention. Her friend Emily posted a video montage of the museum on TikTok, and it quickly took off!

“I wanted Maisie to go viral, but I didn’t expect it would happen!” Teresa wrote on Facebook.


Now that the Piggenheim has become such a hit, Teresa wants to do something else for her guinea pig. While she hasn’t decided on anything yet, we can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

Go on a tiny museum tour by watching the video below, and be sure to share this awesome idea with your friends. For more stories of joy and hope, check out the Coronavirus Good News Dashboard.

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