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Grow, Damn It!


That’s what the sign behind our pool says.

We didn’t buy that sign, but we also didn’t remove it when we moved into this house.

There is nothing there to “grow” since the area is just mulch and I probably shouldn’t have a curse word, on a sign, in my backyard when I have three kids ages eight and under.

Yet, there it resides.


One — ’cause it makes me laugh.

Two — because it’s a daily reminder to me to improve.

“GROW DAMN IT!” I sometimes yell (yeah right, like I would risk waking the kids) to myself right before I lie down to bed.

Okay, maybe it’s more like a whisper, a prayer or just a reaffirming pep talk, but each night after I recollect on the day’s events and my behavior, I instruct and command myself to do (and be) better tomorrow.

“I’ll do it tomorrow” in this case is not procrastination and, in fact, it’s quite the opposite — it’s self-preservation by way of one’s drive to improve, the belief that they can and setting an intention to do just that.


“Grow damn it!”

Because that’s precisely what each of us was put on this Earth to do.

And, while ain’t nothing gonna grow in my backyard cause #nothanksonplants, you and I won’t grow either unless we engage in some daily introspection, establish a fluid purpose, set goals for ourselves and resolve to spend each day in imperfect pursuit of them while maintaining a strong sense of humor.

That’s my advice — which I keep giving to you and myself — because I want to GROW DAMN IT and something tells me you just might too.

This story originally appeared on @jthreeNMe on Facebook

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