Bride Has Epic Reaction When Groom Sneaks Up On Her With Cutest Wedding Gift.

angela bride puppy

Harmick Nazarians has always known it’s his girlfriend (now wife) Angela’s dream to have a puppy of her own. She’s made sure of it.

Ever since the two met, Angela has snapped and sent countless photos of dogs to Harmick. Of course, he got the not-so-subtle hint. But when Angela brought it up before their recent wedding, he asked her to wait until after they’d settled into the married life.

angela and harmick

Little did Angela know that Harmick wasn’t exactly being honest. As it turns out, he was totally on board with getting a puppy as soon as possible. He just wanted to make it an unforgettable experience for his bride-to-be. So, a few days before their wedding, he went out and found the perfect companion for Angela. The little guy stayed at a friend’s house until the big day.

After Angela and Harmick tied the knot, they celebrated their marriage with a beautiful reception at the Glenoaks Ballroom. And just as Angela was about to toss the bouquet to all the ladies in attendance, she heard a few of them screaming in delight. That’s when she turned and looked behind her.

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bouquet toss is interrupted

There, holding the most adorable Goldendoodle puppy was her sweet husband. Angela threw her arms up in total shock. “She suspected nothing since I kept saying a wedding is no time to be giving her a puppy,” Harmick said.

angela sees her puppy

Angela still managed to throw the bouquet, but after that, she only had eyes for the precious nugget they’d name Waffle.

angela meets waffle

She was so overcome with emotion that even standing became too much. Angela sank to the ground, where Harmick handed her the puppy she’s always wanted.

angela loves waffle

The dazed bride tried to say something, anything, but as she kept looking from Waffle to Harmick to the wedding guests gathered around them, she remained speechless.

angela is speechless

Eventually, Angela did regain the ability to talk and expressed her absolute joy at the new addition to their family. Harmick said she told him Waffle “was the best gift she ever received.” They haven’t even been married that long and already, Harmick has proven himself as the best husband ever.

Watch as Angela’s puppy dream comes true in the footage below, and share this sweet moment with other dog lovers.

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