Grocery Bagger’s Unexpected Act Of Kindness Brings Grandma To Tears.

a two photo collage. the first is a selfie of marie balboa. she is smiling and wearing her h-e-b uniform. the second is a photo of a note from a woman who went to an h-e-b store and had her groceries paid for by the bagger, maria balboa. in it she thanks her for her kindness and explains that she's been taking care of her two grandkids, alone, since january 2021 after their mother left them. she works a low-paying job and is barely getting by.

Maria Balboa has only been working as a bagger in her local H-E-B store for two months, but she’s already earning recognition from her managers – and the whole country!

One day, a grandmother came through her aisle. She had two children with her, and $137 worth of groceries. The transaction went smoothly at first, but when it came time to pay, the cashier had to let her know that her SNAP card only had $19 left. As a college student, Maria doesn’t have much money to spare. But that didn’t stop her from offering to pay for the groceries herself! Learn about what happened from the Facebook post Maria shared below.

Maria didn’t choose to help out a stranger in hopes of getting recognition – she simply wanted to do something kind for someone else. But in doing so, she learned that we should never underestimate how much a small act of kindness can change someone’s life. Because, as you can see from the woman’s note below, she needed this now more than ever.

It can be easy to feel as though complimenting a stranger or stopping to hold the door for someone won’t make much of a difference in someone’s life, but these little acts of kindness add up quickly. Thanks, Marie, for this beautiful reminder!

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