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Woman Finds 1966 Greyhound Bus On eBay & Turns It Into Stunning Tiny Home.

Jessie Lipskin of Asbury Park, New Jersey, is really into minimalism.

Jessie says that living in small apartments in her native New York City sparked her initial desire to pare down her possessions and live more simply. She started to think about how obsessed our culture is with physical belongings, so she began to slowly downsize her own stuff, getting rid of anything that wasn’t meaningful to her.


“I’ve always been very organized and love the idea of holding onto only what you really need,” Jessie explained. “For me, that mainly includes things that hold sentimental value, particularly items that were handed down to me from my family.”

Soon, everything she owned could fit into an SUV, so she decided to try out the “tiny home” lifestyle that’s popular right now. After looking around and not finding exactly what she wanted, Jessie decided renovating an old vehicle might be just the ticket. When she came across an old 1966 GMC Greyhound bus, she knew she’d found “the one.”


“I found my bus on eBay,” Jessie said. “It was love at first sight. It took three years from purchase to completion, with lots of ups and downs. It was a labor of love and I felt a true sense of accomplishment once everything came together.”


The bus was in rough shape, but Jessie wasn’t daunted by the prospect of a total rehaul to create her dream living space. She got to work, using an architect’s design, doing much of the work herself, and hiring a carpenter to do custom woodworking throughout.


After three years of work and a robust $70,000 renovation, the bus was finally converted into a bright, light, airy 400 square foot home that just about anyone would love to own. The home bypassed “shabby chic” in favor of just plain chic! It’s simply gorgeous.


Jessie’s minimalistic, contemporary style is apparent in every element of the design, and the home is created for comfort as well as practicality. The bus itself has been upgraded and repaired, so it’s totally roadworthy and ready to be parked wherever life’s adventures may take you.


It sleeps four adults comfortably, and even has closet space and a full-sized kitchen. It’s even got a washer/dryer, central air conditioning, and a decent-sized shower!


Jessie calls her home an “innovative, eco-friendly, beautifully-designed piece of art.” With its white walls, large windows, and gleaming hardwood floors, the space is filled with sunlight and positive energies.


Ironically, after all the years and hard work, Jessie has decided to sell the bus so she can be free to travel. She explained:

“I am selling my home mainly due to the large size! It’s just too big for me to drive on my own. I work remotely, and have the opportunity to travel internationally for a while, which I want to experience in full. After that I’d love to return to tiny home life, something a bit more manageable for me to drive on my own—a Sprinter conversion or a towed Airstream trailer.”


Jessie did such a fabulous job on this home, it’s a bit sad to see her sell it. On the other hand, now that it’s for sale, it’s sure to bring joy to more people in search of that minimalistic tiny home lifestyle!

Happy trails, Jessie!

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