“Angel” Newspaper Deliveryman Offers To Shop For Older Customers During Quarantine For Free.

Every morning Greg Dailey hits the road before dawn to deliver newspapers near his home in East Windsor, New Jersey, but lately he’s been delivering a lot more than just the morning paper.

Over the years, Greg has gotten to know a few of the customers along his route. After New Jersey residents were ordered to stay at home during the COVID-19 outbreak, Greg noticed that one of the elderly ladies on his route never came outside to pick up her paper one day.


“I was at the grocery store a couple of days later and started thinking about this 88-year-old lady and an idea just popped into my head,” Greg told The Washington Post. “I called her up and said, ‘Hi, this is Greg, your newspaper guy — I’m at the store, do you need anything?’ She asked me to pick up a couple of things, and then she called me back and said, ‘Could you also get some brown eggs and bananas for the Millers across the street?’”

Greg was more than happy to shop for his customer, and as he dropped off the goods to the grateful families he decided on the spot to see if there were others who could use his help too. He put together a simple note and put one inside every paper he delivered.


“My name is Greg Dailey and I deliver your newspaper every morning,” the note read. “I understand during these trying times it is difficult for some to get out of their house to get everyday necessities. I would like to offer my services free of charge to anyone who needs groceries, household products, etc. I will be shopping at ShopRite and [McCaffrey’s] and can deliver the goods directly to your front door.”

It didn’t take long before Greg’s phone was ringing off the hook! Dozens of elderly customers reached out to utilize Greg’s services. Soon Greg enlisted the help of his wife, Cherlyn Dailey, and their three children Erin, Sean, adn Brian. His motherin-law Carol Krohn also lends a hand with the shopping and delivering. Most impressively of all, the Dailey family takes no payment for their kindness!


Greg’s customers call him a “godsend,” but he and his family insist that they’re just doing their parts to help others during a difficult time. “It’s really very simple,” said Cherlyn. “Our responsibility is to take care of one another.”

Greg ends his paper route around 7 each morning and then hits the grocery stores with his family. They all divide up the lists and deliveries for the day, carefully wiping down the goods with sanitizing wipes before delivering them to their elderly neighbors.

“I give everyone a head’s up that I’m going to drop by, then they put out an envelope for me with their payment,” Greg said. “Sometimes, we’ll sit and talk a bit from a distance. To be honest, this is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.”


Now that word is out, other neighbors are reaching out to Greg to offer him gift cards and money to help with his efforts. He has pledged to keep going with this free service for as long as necessary. What a wonderful and selfless mission! Thank you to the Dailey family for all their efforts.

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