Dramatic Great Dane Jealous Of New Puppy, Demands Mom’s Attention With Hilarious Tantrum.

It may not be the most considerate method, but the most effective way to get someone’s attention is to bug them until it’s given to you. Thankfully, humans are generally tactful when it comes to this kind of communication… but we can’t always say the same for our canine friends.

The hilarious Great Dane in the video below is either very curious, or very jealous of the tiny puppy cradled in Mom’s arms, and he doesn’t feel bad at all about interrupting the puppy/Mommy cuddle session!


We can’t know for sure what’s going on in the mind of the giant pup, but one thing is certain: He REALLY wants mom’s undivided attention.

“I can pet him, too,” insists the frustrated dog-mom. “It’s not all about you.”

The Dane seems to disagree.

“You’re so dramatic!” says Mom.


Mom calls him out on his behavior, but even under criticism the determined Great Dane stands his ground. Needy though he may be, his determination is certainly cute!

Check out the hilarious stand-off in the video below!

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