Grandparents leaned in close to hear whisper, but watch them finally realize the words!

The whisper challenge is when people put on loud music, headphones or plug their ears and try to figure out what the other person is saying. Basically, reading lips. Toni Paolillo to this to the next level when she used the game to spread the greatest news she’s ever had in her life.

When Toni and her husband Mike found out they were pregnant, they knew they wanted to surprise their grandparents in a more than memorable way. So they used this entertaining game to do a prolonged, hilarious, and truly heart-warming announcement. They sat down their two grandparents, said over and over again, “You are going to be great-grandparents.” It couldn’t be more adorable!

It takes their grandparents a while to catch on, but it’s such a joy to watch. First they caught onto the “You are.” From there, there were some pretty hilarious guesses, such as “You want some spinach??” And “You are crazy?!” But finally, granddad catches on.

Although grandma is comes in a little later, when she realizes what the real message is her face lights up immediately.

Watch this adorable couple find out they’re going to become great-grandparents. The love they show is so touching!

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