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Police Get Odd Call From 99-Yr-Old Grandma — Then Make Adorable “Arrest.”

Everyone has a bucket list, that is, a list of things they hope to accomplish or experience before passing away. Some bucket list items are… well, a bit more unusual than others.

When it came to a 99-year-old Netherlands woman named Annie, she wanted something rather odd. It involved the local police department in Nijmegen, Netherlands, and though her request wasn’t exactly standard operating procedure, they humored the elderly woman.

 grandma arrested

Annie wanted to experience (however briefly) what it would be like to get busted by the police! As you can imagine, it made for a hilariously surreal — and adorable — story.

The nearly 100-year-old woman isn’t the type of community figure to ever get in the slightest bit of trouble, so it makes sense that the only way she’d ever get to experience being on the wrong side of the law was to ask for help from the police.

annie happy

“This morning we were able to deliver Annie a very beautiful day by fulfilling one of her last wishes. She wanted to experience a police cell,” the Politie Nijmegen-Zuid’s Facebook page shared.

The policemen and women took her through the entire process, and it was clear that Annie was tickled by the whole thing.

happy to be arrested annie

The police station’s post noted that because civilians aren’t typically allowed in cells, it was arranged for Annie to be “locked up” in a holding room. She seems just as pleased.

While Annie’s request might be strange to some, there’s no question that she felt very happy to cross this request off her bucket list. And kudos to her community for coming together to make a sweet elderly lady happy.

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