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Pregnant Wife Sets Up Hidden Camera & Capture’s Dad’s Epic Reaction To Their Baby News.

When Justin Hall and his wife found out they were pregnant, they knew they wanted to tell her parents in a special way.

While some people opt for the whisper challenge approach or the ol’ bun in the oven trick, the Halls decided to go with a more direct message… with one hidden addition. The soon-to-be parents set up a little display announcing their pregnancy date and stashed a camera away to catch the future grandparents’ reactions. The results are too cute!

This was the display Justin and his wife set up… it’s pretty obvious what they were trying to communicate.


So when Justin’s mother-in-law walked in on the phone, she got the message loud and clear — and hung up immediately. Naturally, she called her husband in to show him, too.


While his wife noticeably freaked out, exclaiming that the baby’s birthday would be close to his, the soon-to-be grandad looked more stunned than anything.


But as soon as she leaves the room, pops checks to see if the coast is clear… once he realizes no one is within eyesight of him, he let’s loose in the most over-the-top showing of joy we have ever seen!


Watch his sweet reaction to the wonderful news below and share this to spread some smiles today.

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