Family Surprises 18-Yr-Old With Time Capsule They Made Her A...

Family Surprises 18-Yr-Old With Time Capsule They Made Her As A Baby.

Gracie Chastain of Brownsburg, Indiana, had no idea why there was a strange “cooler” on her kitchen island.

The teen had never seen the box before, so she didn’t understand its value — or what it had to do with her birthday. She quickly found out her parents had kept it hidden in their basement for nearly two decades, and the time had finally come to open it!

time capsule

Gracie turned 18 this month, and her parents celebrated by presenting her with a gift they’ve held onto for years.

When she was just 1 year old, they had a wonderful idea. They would create a time capsule for her and fill it with precious mementos. Now that she was officially entering adulthood, the memories were hers to enjoy.

gracie opens time capsule

And enjoy them Gracie did! Surrounded by her relatives, she opened the cooler for the first time and took an emotional peek into the past.

“There was an array of memorabilia from her birth year, jewelry, and savings bonds, but best of all, it was filled with gifts and notes from loved ones, many of whom have since passed,” her mom Kim wrote on Facebook. “It was really special.”

time capsule contents

While Gracie already knew her family adores her, she was touched by the outpouring of love they’d expressed in her gift.

“She said she felt that there were so many people that cared about her that she didn’t even know,” Kim told Bored Panda.

time capsule contents

What’s more, the box couldn’t have come at a better time. With high schools closed as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Gracie is missing out on the last part of her senior year. Thankfully, because of her family, she still has plenty to smile about!

Now her mom is encouraging anyone and everyone to create their own version of Gracie’s cooler. As she pointed out, “Who wouldn’t want to open a time capsule from a loved one, even as a grown adult? Go for it!”

chastain family

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate such an important milestone. After all, no gift can compare to a family’s love. Happy birthday, Gracie!

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