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Curious Dog Meets New Puppy Brother & It’s Love At 1st Nose “Boop.”

They say two’s company and three’s a crowd, but that old standard doesn’t apply when it comes to Golden retrievers!

At least, not to Anisa Spagnuolo’s Golden retrievers. Up until recently, she’s shared her home in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, with two friendly Goldens, Jack and Cooper.Last month, she decided to add a third pup, seven-week-old Murphy, to the family mix.

anisa jack cooper

But Cooper had never been around puppies before, and Anisa was concerned he’d be jealous that he was no longer the baby in the family. Thankfully, she soon found her fears were totally unfounded.

In the video below, Cooper trots into the living room to check out this new and intriguing smell and makes a beeline for the couch, where Anisa’s sitting with young Murphy in her lap.

cooper and murphy meet

Cooper’s obviously not threatened at all, just curious, because he immediately rears up on his hind legs to check out this pint-sized puppy. He gets in a few good whiffs, they bump noses, and that’s when the tail starts swishing!

“It really melted my heart, it was so sweet,” she said. “The two of them together is so precious and heart-warming … They are the best of buds and it is so amazing to watch the two of them every day.”

For example, Murphy knows he’s too little to play with the big boys. See him under the couch over there? He’s just watching and learning for now, trying to get a handle on all the rules so he can join in when the time’s right.

jack and cooper playing

But he can hold his own when it’s just one-on-one…

cooper murphy soccer

And he’s still learning the rules of the household so he knows which ones he can get away with breaking. We’re not sure what the situation is here, but whatever they did, they must’ve taken things a little too far. Apparently there’s a learning curve here, and even Cooper hasn’t mastered it just yet. But obviously, it was so worth it.

cooper and murphy jailbirds

“Life’s never ruff when you’ve got a brother by your side.”

cooper and murphy sleeping

We’re so glad Anisa set up an Instagram just for “Coop” and “Murph” so we can follow all their adorable antics in the months to come!

Check out their first meet-and-greet in the short clip below, and share to make your friends smile.

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