Sisters Work Tirelessly To Make Sure Every Student Has A Mask To Keep Them Safe.

Years ago, Gladys and Jamie Scott of Pensacola, Florida, made headlines for a heavily disputed court case, a questionable jail sentence, and an ultimate release because Gladys was donating her kidney to a very sick Jamie.

Their past is certainly complicated, but they decided it would not be the thing they are remembered for. Instead, they started a nonprofit called Sisters of Hope. In the years since then, the two of them have done many things to help others. Their current mission? To sew and collect enough face masks to keep every student safe!

The siblings have spent countless hours sewing masks to donate to schools. They have also sought out help from their community, asking their neighbors to give masks or money to buy hand sanitizer for the students.


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“Children need their education,” Jamie said, but their motivation goes beyond that. The sisters have lost multiple family members to the novel coronavirus, so they are determined to do everything they can to protect other families.

“Some people might not look at a mask as being that important, but for us, it’s between life and death,” she added.

On Facebook, Jamie shared that she and Gladys took a batch of masks to a nearby teacher. Upon seeing the sisters arrive, the hardworking educator began to cry in relief that someone had shown up to help.  

The siblings have donated over 1,000 masks and don’t have any plans to stop. In fact, they want to spread their mission to as many schools as possible!

“It’s our children,” Jamie added. “We have to remember that they are our future judges, lawyers, doctors, maybe another president, you never know. And in this trying time, we need all the help we can to help our children.”

What an incredible way to give back! Share this story to inspire your own community to support schools.

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