Wheelchair-Bound Girl Fulfills Dream of Bungee Jumping. So Thrilling!

Bungee jumping had been on Tara’s bucket list for quite a while.  But due to her wheelchair, she thought she would have to say goodbye to this dream forever.

Until she discovered Whistler Bungee – a Canadian operator that specializes in making dreams come true.

The company provides a beautiful jump over a rushing river surrounded by basalt column cliffs and majestic pines. It is the ultimate bungee experience. And the best thing is- they offer the jump to the disabled.

With her cousins by her side filming, Tara made the trip to Whistler. She said she had been feeling her stomach drop for days. After wheeling down the bridge to the jump sight, bungee employees strapped her to the chord, strapped her to the wheelchair and …chunked her off the bridge!

Watch the video below to see it happen, and share it to remind people that ANYONE can seek adventure.

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