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trooper freeman chief

Highway Cop Hears Stray He Rescued Was Almost Euthanized & Rushes To Adopt Him.

Life has a funny way of constantly throwing curve balls at us. But sometimes, we’re blessed with serendipity, instead.

Las Vegas Commercial Enforcement Trooper Jeff Freeman certainly sees his chance encounter with a stray dog as the latter. The trooper was working a joint commercial enforcement checkpoint in Reno last month when, as the Nevada Highway Patrol puts it, a “German shepherd strolled in” and captured Freeman’s heart.

trooper freeman dog chief

Despite being “quite skittish” around the other troopers, the dog formed an instant bonded with Freeman. But just as quickly as the pup entered the man’s life, he exited. Animal control came to collect the German shepherd shortly after. It seemed as if Freeman would never see him again. Then, about two weeks later, he received a life-changing call.

As Freeman learned, his new friend had been destined for death as soon as he was picked up. The dog was scheduled to be euthanized in Reno, but fortunately, not before a rescue organization swooped in to save him. They were the ones who called, and Freeman answered in more ways than one.

german shepherd

The next day, Freeman drove up to Reno, where he promptly adopted the dog and named him Chief. If not for their random meeting, it may have been the end of the road for Chief. But thanks to his new dad, this happy pup gets a new home — and a loving family!

german shepherd

The Nevada Highway Patrol shared their story on Facebook, where thousands rejoiced over the outcome.

“Rescues pick US! Chief picked YOU, Trooper Freeman,” one person wrote. “Big honor and he will serve you well. Bless your big heart. Smart dogs can pick out great people!”

Another added, “Every day you have Chief in your life he will thank you in so many ways… GSD are such a special breed have fun and enjoy his love. Thank you for saving this sweet boy!”

As far as we’re concerned, Freeman and Chief were fated to meet. We wish these two many years full of love, cuddles, and happiness together!

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