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Driver & Mouse Try To Outwit Each Other On A Georgia Roadside.

Blue Ridge, Georgia, resident Austin Leach’s home and car were supposed to be “safe” places. But sometimes unwanted intruders, even if they are small, can knock you into a place of panic.

The intruder in this case was a mouse, and it was in his car, not his house. Sure, it would’ve been easier to just scoop the little guy up, but rodents have never had a good reputation and then there’s the whole Bubonic plague thing. And Austin has a family to think about.

austin leach family photo

He first spots the little brown mouse huddled on the driver’s side dashboard. And it was probably just as confused as Austin as to how to deal with this situation without anyone getting hurt.

At times it even seemed like mouse was “looking straight into my soul,” but he’s about 2,000 times bigger than the mouse (who we’ll just call Fred). More than likely, Fred was just looking for an escape route.

Fortunately, Austin’s lunch was riding shotgun, and included with whatever he was about to eat were some tasty french fries. And no one can turn down french fries, not even a mouse.

mouse french fry

The lure works for a few seconds, but Fred wisely decides he’d rather live than eat. So he scuttles over to the driver’s side window and hunkers down for several long moments, trying to figure out his next move. Does he jump down on Austin?

“Please do not jump on me. I will freak out.”

The last thing Fred wants to do¬† is freak this guy out. So he scurries along the ledge until he’s at the edge of the door… then makes the mistake of looking down, which, to a mouse, is probably like gazing into the abyss of the Grand Canyon.

mouse on windowsill

“It’s the end of the road! Jump!” Austin encourages. But those survival instincts kick in again, and Fred decides today is not a good day to die. He’s probably thinking about his own family at this point and wondering how he’s going to get back to them, but first there’s the little matter of escaping. If only he understood that’s what Austin’s trying to help him do!

Then Austin spots something he can use and makes like McGyver. Why didn’t he think of this sooner?

mouse and bag

It’s funny and frustrating all at the same time to watch this whole thing play out, but you have to give it to Austin, he truly showed he has a heart of gold, going through all that trouble for a little mouse!

Watch the video below to see what secret weapon he uses to finally get Fred out of the car, and share their adorable interaction today.

So, this happened yesterday… I barely got away with my life!This video is being represented by LADbible Group. To use or license this video please email

Posted by Austin Sarah Leach on Friday, October 26, 2018

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