Man Hid Secret Trap Door In Monopoly Game, His Girlfriend Was Speechless The Moment It Opened!

Justin Lebon and his girlfriend, Michal Ott, are your average, board-game lovin’ people that have a particular affection for Monopoly.


The Monopoly set that Justin grew up using was beginning to fall to pieces, so he decided to have a custom set made to celebrate the couple’s love for the game. Little did Michal know, Justin had another motive behind the sweet gesture – a surprise proposal of epic proportion!

Justin jumped right into the project and got to work, naming custom property cards and adding little details of their life together.

Lebon called on his friend, woodworker Mark Becker, to pitch his idea, and got to work on naming the custom properties.

Justin Lebon

“The first thing I knew was that I could do something with the engagement ring and the luxury tax spot. I wanted to figure out how to make some kind of trap door underneath it, and it all came together while I was walking around work one day last November.â€

Lebon thrifted for the money and the special gold pieces and houses.

Justin Lebon

Justin’s old friend and woodworker Mark Becker was in on the project as well. Becker was able to design and build the board in just over three weeks – and delivered the masterpiece to Justin’s apartment on Christmas Eve

Naturally, the property names correspond to important places and events to Lebon and Ott..

Justin Lebon

The property cards featured the streets where they grew up, favorite vacation spots, and for the coveted “Park Place” and “Board Walk” slots, their current apartment number at “Home Sweet Home.”

A custom Monopoly board is nice and all, but the real trick would be using the game for his proposal.

Using the full game for the proposal, though, required an extra step of planning.

Justin Lebon

Justin placed this Chance card at the top of the deck, but instead of relying on lady luck, Justin took matters into his own hands.

To ensure his girlfriend would roll a seven the first round – the first “chance” slot on the board – Justin decided to use loaded dice to tilt the odds in his favor.


He used loaded dice, so that Ott would roll a seven and get to Chance on her first try.

Justin Lebon

When the exciting moment finally arrived, she fell right into Justin’s perfectly planned trap (trap door, that is).

When the big moment came, Ott fell right into Lebon's perfectly-laid trap.

Justin Lebon

“She knew Mark was helping me, so she figured her gift was going to be really cool, but she thought it was going to be a world travel-themed board. I gave her the whole tour of the board and by the end, we were both crying. By the end, she didn’t think a proposal was coming. She had the dice in her hand the whole time, and when I finally suggested that we play, she rolled a seven.â€

Justin’s girlfriend was excited to land on Chance, then she saw his custom made card. Justin got down on one knee, pulled out a long wire key and opened a trapdoor on the board.  Of course, she gasped, blurted out “No way!” and was stunned to see the ring emerge from the game.

You can be damn sure Ott said yes to Lebon's proposal.

Justin Lebon

And of course, she said yes!

This story is the best example of thoughtful, creative, and genuine love.  Share that love today!


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