Man sells company to Snapchat for $54M and is now taking endless “bucket list” vacation with family.

Typically when someone is asked “What is on your bucket list?” their answer revolves around traveling the world and seeing incredible sites.  But most people never pursue their Bucket List because they don’t set aside the time or don’t have the money.


In this special case, one family has made it a priority to complete their bucket list.  After Garret Gee sold his digital scanning app “Scan” in 2014 for $54 million to Snapchat, he decided to make his bucket list a reality.  So with their two beautiful children, Mr. and Mrs. Gee picked up their lives and decided to fulfill their dream bucket list vacation.



It’s been over nine months since this crazy crew took on the world in an epic life adventure, and they’ve already checked some breathtaking locations off of the list: Fiji, Australia, and Thailand… just to name a few!  


But what’s even more amazing? They haven’t yet touched their earnings from the $54 million sale to Snapchat!

Just before their adventure, the family sold EVERYTHING they owned (besides clothes, travel necessities, and a few special items) to fund their trip.  They made their dream come true with what they had.



Appropriately deemed “The Bucket List Family,” an entire site and Instagram account are both dedicated to sharing with the world their life travels. On the site, you can find out where they’ve been, how they got there, and where they’re headed.  


This family has some serious spunk and is putting their passion into action.

And what’s important for all of us to remember – you can have adventures without traveling to exotic places or spending bunches of moola.  Their are ways to travel at discounts, incredible local spots, and other forms of bucket list items.

It’s more about having a generative, adventurous spirit and answering “Do I really want to make this list a reality?”

Watch below and share the Gee’s great adventure to inspire someone today!

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