Mom Of 4-Yr-Old Cancer Patient Finds Letter From Garbage Men, Unexpected Gift Touches Her Heart.


For some inexplicable reason… kids love the garbage man. Time and time again, we have shared stories of garbage collectors and small children becoming the best of friends, like these three siblings, whose adorable interaction with their garbage men was caught on camera, or this little girl, who gave her garbage man a birthday cupcake.


Once again, another story about garbage men and some adorable children is going viral, but this time, it’s about more than friendship; it’s about a selfless act of kindness that will touch your heart.

Rosie Evenson, a little girl who turns 4 this month, and her 2 sisters look forward to Thursdays for one reason: that’s the day the garbage men come. Mom Angie says that every week the kids “stop what they were doing and rush to the window to wave to the garbage men.”


The men– Brandon Olsen and Taylor Fritz– look forward to their weekly greeting. “The guys would always go way out of their way to wave big– you could tell they always made an intentional effort to look for the girls.”


Brandon and Taylor came to feel so warmly about the siblings, they even delivered bags of Halloween treats  to the girls last year as a “thank you” for the kind waves.

In return for the treats, the girls drew pictures for Brandon and Taylor. Angie gave the men the drawings, along with a note… but the note came with some heartbreaking news.


In the note, Angie told Brandon and Taylor that her girls might not be at the window every Thursday now… little Rosie had been diagnosed with Stage IV kidney cancer.

“I wrote a little note saying, ‘Our little 3-year-old, Rosie, was diagnosed with cancer and has treatments on Thursdays, but keep looking for us even though sometimes we will be gone,'” said Angie. “I just wanted them to know we weren’t stopping waving at them.”

Brandon– who has three young children of his own– said the note broke his heart. “This family has forever changed my life – I read the note and was in near tears,” he said. “Being a father, it’s scary to think, ‘What if it were me in that situation?'”

Brandon and Taylor approached their boss and asked if they could donate their own trash pick-up service– and employee benefit– to the family for a year.

Their boss– the general manager of Hometown Sanitation– was touched by the offer, and he decided that the company would donate a year of garbage service to the family, free of charge.

“We realize it’s just a little bill,” he said. “But not having to worry about that one thing – we just thought that it might be helpful.”

Brandon and Taylor presented the news to Angie with the letter below:


The kind letter meant the world to her. “What they did made us feel like we were not alone,” she said. “It was just a simple gesture, but to us, it was huge.”


Little Rosie is doing well and– according to Angie– the girls still look forward to seeing their favorite garbage men whenever they can.

“To them, they are still just their friends the garbagemen,” explained Angie. “And I love that their relationship has remained unchanged. I love the simplicity of the friendly smile and the wave – and, as a mother, I love seeing that there are still good people out there.”

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