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Immigrant Has Best Way Of Thanking U.S. — By Caring For & Loving Foster Children.

For many, the idea of being a foster parent seems overwhelming because of the potential heartbreak involved. Thankfully, all across the country, there are people who thrive in the role as a foster mom/dad and provide love and security to kids who desperately need it.

Christiana Barton and her husband have risen to the challenge and decided to give back to the US by serving as foster parents. Currently, the couple provides a home to four foster children.


Christiana immigrated to the United States from Ghana five years ago. She escaped a rough life and has “been through [and] suffered a lot”. Christiana says before coming to the US, she came from a very poor family and struggled a lot.

In an effort to show her appreciation to the US for allowing her to start a new life, she decided to give back by becoming a foster parent. Her motivation is truly the children. Christiana told a local news station that she “never wants [these children] to go through what she went through”.


According to Christiana’s immigration attorney,

“When she was granted the right to remain in this country, she was so overwhelmed with gratitude that she turned immediately to helping those in need who are here. She felt that this was her best way to repay this nation for its generosity, for doing no less than saving her life.”


Over the last year, Christiana and her husband (who is US-born) have provided a home to 10 foster children. They have no intention of stopping the mission any time soon. Christiana told a local news station, “I want people to know that we all can do something good with love. No matter who you are. Even though you are poor, you can still do something good for somebody.”

Watch the full story on Christiana and her husband in the video below and be sure to share with your friends!

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