Fireman Learns Where Family Was Headed Before Car Crash & Makes Generous Offer.

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For anyone in the public service and safety industry, changing lives is all in a day’s work. Anyone who goes into those kinds of jobs has to have a big heart and a ton of compassion because it’s the driving force behind so much of their work.


Whenever we share a story about one of these heroes, we’re quick to say thanks, but as Fire Captain Jason Crady recently admitted, he doesn’t “brag on his crew nearly enough.” As first responders, he and his team at Robertson Fire in St. Louis County, MO, are the ones who arrive at tragic scenes first â – but this also gives them the opportunity to save, and change, many lives.


According to Jason, he and his crew were called to an accident on a highway that involved a van that was teetering on a bridge. Thankfully, the van didn’t fall and there were no injuries to the 13 passengers inside. Unfortunately, the vehicle wasn’t drivable after the accident.

The passengers included a father and his 12 children. As Jason and other firefighters spoke with the family (and kept the kids safely off the highway), they learned that they were on their way to the kids’ mother’s favorite spot in Maine where they were going to spread her ashes. When Jason’s crew member, Elias Grimwood, heard one of the little girls say how happy she was that her blanket didn’t fall from the van, because it was made out of her mom’s old T-shirts, he immediately felt the pull to do more.


Elias asked his captain if they could put the family up in a hotel for the night. Naturally, Jason said yes and Elias got to work booking the father and kids two hotel rooms. That’s not all, though. He also helped them get to their lodging safely and then went on to buy the whole family pizzas for dinner!


Jason said the situation was a reminder to the whole crew that “you never truly know what people may be dealing with.” What probably seemed like just another day on the job to the firemen turned into something so much bigger for them, as well as for the family they helped. It’s a powerful lesson in how a chance encounter with a stranger is an opportunity to change a life.

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