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firefighters shovel

Firefighters Rush To Help Mom Deliver Baby Then Melt Hearts With 2nd Small Gesture.

Firefighters do an incredible service for their communities. Not only are they tasked with fighting fires and saving lives, but they also help people out in a number of other ways, including aiding in medical emergencies and catastrophes.

That said, the Cedar Rapids Fire Department in Iowa recently went above and beyond the call of duty during one family’s time of need.

fire truck

Earlier this week, mom-to-be Cassy Abram (pictured below with her daughter) traveled with her husband, Scotty, to a local hospital. The couple was sure Cassy would give birth to their son at any moment but were discharged when the labor appeared to be a false alarm.

Of course, minutes after they got home, things progressed very quickly. Scotty called 911 but he was forced to deliver the baby himself. Scotty Jr. was born weighing six pounds and measured 18 inches long.

cassy and daughter

Fortunately, the birth went very smoothly, all things considered. Cassy’s aunt, Larissa Ruffin, says first responders arrived within 10 minutes and allowed Scotty to cut the umbilical cord on the living room floor. The firefighters were there to assist as well, though the family never expected the kind gesture they were greeted with when they stepped outside.

While three of their comrades attended to Cassy and Scotty Jr. inside, two of the firefighters, having driven to the house in their own cars, were busy shoveling snow off the driveway!

firefighters shovel driveway

“After they got mom and baby in warm blankets on the stretcher and ‘Dr. Dad’ was ready to go, we went outside and saw the firemen finishing shoveling their long drive,” Larissa said. “I was in such awe of their selflessness! It’s amazing what some will do for others without knowing anything about them. It was not their job to come and shovel.”

The fire department proudly shared the men’s good deed in a Facebook post, writing, “The weather is cold, but this should warm your heart!” Indeed, it does. With so much to do on a daily basis, it’s amazing that these class acts took the time to make the family’s day just a little easier.

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