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Firefighters Respond To Elderly Woman’s Life Alert, Return Later With Touching Gift.

Firefighters truly care about the communities they serve. They prove it every day by routinely going above and beyond the call of duty. Florida firefighters even recently spent their own money to make sure an elderly woman would have hot meals.

On Feb. 21, the High Springs Fire Department responded to a Life Alert alarm activated by an elderly woman.

They entered the house with all their medical supplies, fearing the worst, and were relieved to find her sitting up in bed. The woman had activated the alert by accident, but the firemen found she still needed their help.

meals on wheels

She told the men she lives alone and receives her meals from the “Meals on Wheels” program, many of which are frozen. Unfortunately, her microwave wasn’t working and she was hungry. Firemen Doug Hope and Brian Langston tried fixing the appliance but quickly learned it was beyond repair. They didn’t know how long it had been since she’d eaten.

“It was around dinnertime, and you can’t leave somebody like that in good conscience,” said Doug. “There’s no way I could go back to the station and eat my dinner knowing that I left her that way.”

So they took a trip to a local Lowe’s store and bought a new microwave themselves. Then the sweet men promptly returned to the woman’s home, set it up, and made her dinner.


The department posted a photo of Doug in the checkout lane to Facebook, writing, “In Small Town USA, neighbors help neighbors.” Thousands shared their post, commending the firefighters for taking the time to help an elderly person out.

“God bless all men and women in uniform for all they do. Acts of kindness like this are a beautiful thing,” one person wrote.

Another added, “I love happy stories, warms my heart. To all firefighters, paramedics, police, nurses, doctors thank you.”


Getting a new microwave doesn’t sound very exciting to most of us, but to this lady, we’re sure it meant the world. Share this story to spread thanks for everything these firefighters do.

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