Touching Photo Of Firefighter Saving And Cuddling Dog Goes Viral.

Firefighters from Grand Rapids, Michigan are being called heroes for their actions on September 15th. The crew tirelessly worked together to save a small dog who had been caught in a neighborhood house fire.

This photo was posted by neighbor Jordan Roberts depicting the group of firefighters trying to save the dog’s life.

“My two sons and I watched them work for over 30 minutes on reviving little dog who was in a house fire this morning on our street… it ended with tail wagging and cheers!” she said in the photo caption.

Via Wood 

Once the dog was finally revived, this firefighter warmly cuddled it in his arms while applying oxygen to ensure a full recovery.  The tender moment was also captured on camera (below).  Since being posted it has spread throughout the internet and been viewed by millions.

Via Wood 

This sweet moment reminds us of the heroes of our day.  Say thank you and take a moment to appreciate those in public service.  Share this sweet moment today!

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