Quick-Thinking Mom Runs To Local Fire Station When Her Baby Stops Breathing.

searcy fire rescue

Alexandria Lee Scott and her family live within walking distance of a fire department in Searcy, Arkansas. That close proximity may very well have saved her baby’s life.

Her infant son, Evan, stopped breathing in the early afternoon of November 8, but she knew help was nearby, so she scooped up her adorable little boy and took off running. The whole incident was captured on surveillance video and even though there’s no sound, the first responders’ actions speak for themselves.


You see Alexandria running toward the Searcy Central Fire Station. As she closes in on the station, a firefighter has already spotted her and is sprinting outside to meet her.


He immediately takes the baby out of her arms and starts a series of chest compressions, ones modified for use on fragile infants. As he continues working, Alexandria’s just steps away, pacing and wiping tears from her eyes.

Meanwhile, other firefighters begin flooding out of the station, on standby in case they’re needed. One rushes back inside and retrieves a first aid kit but fortunately, this was a one-man job. After less than 20 seconds, this sweet baby boy’s been resuscitated!


These heroes described the dramatic incident in a Facebook post, writing:

We are proud of our firefighters not only in this situation but for what they do each and every day. To the citizens and visitors of the City of Searcy, you are in VERY good hands, and we are honored to be here for you.

That’s one quick-thinking mama and one well-trained fireman. Most people would’ve called 911 and wasted precious minutes waiting for an ambulance to arrive. Watch the footage below, and share to thank these first responders for saving the day.

Arkansas firefighters spring to action to save infant

PROTECT & SERVE: Firefighters in Searcy, Arkansas, sprang into action when a woman carried an infant who had stopped breathing to the fire station in search of help, with one first responder quickly getting the child breathing again. https://abcn.ws/1c6SfMC

Posted by ABC World News Tonight with David Muir on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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