Firefighter Dad Goes Viral With Cute Weekly Spa Treatments For 9-Month-Old Daughter.

jim spa talks daughter

Just when you thought firefighters couldn’t get any more awesome, a viral video comes along that makes us sit back and say, “Wow.”


Jimmy Howell is a firefighter from Queens, New York, who works for Engine Company 294 in Richmond Hills. He’s also the father to an incredibly cute 9-month-old daughter named Kensley. The doting dad recently made big waves online when he shared a video of one of their weekly “spa talks.”


When this hero dad isn’t fighting fires and helping New Yorkers as a first responder, he is spending time with Kensley and taking care of all her needs. Each week, he puts the little girl into her high chair to clip her finger and toenails, using the time to chat and bond with her. Although Kensley isn’t talking yet, Jim manages to keep the conversation flowing with lots of jokes and goofiness that makes his daughter giggle.

“Why you all hunched over? Sit back, get comfortable girl, relax,” Jimmy tells Kensley as he starts working on her nails. She peers over the edge of her chair to supervise his work.


“I can tell you’ve been crawling, these things [are] barking,” Jimmy says playfully as he holds her tiny little feet in his hands. “We [are] going to take care of these dogs.”

When the family’s real dog Lola barks and whines in the background, Jimmy “woofs” right back, taking the opportunity to give Kensley’s feet some kisses while he’s at it. The baby responds with a huge belly laugh that is music to our ears! Just seeing these two having such a good time while doing something as mundane as trimming toenails does the heart good.


When Kensley begins to grouse over the nail filing Jimmy drops some knowledge, telling her, “Kensley, this is free so you can’t complain over something that’s free. I’m sorry if I’m rubbing too hard but beggars can’t be choosers.”

On another one of Jimmy’s Instagram posts, he shares some insight that is a great reminder for all parents. “I haven’t been a father for very long but from the little experience I have, what I can say is be you, kids don’t care about how much money you spend on them, what they care about is the time you spend with them, remember Presence over presents King.”

Jimmy’s video quickly went viral online with over 10,000 views in just a few days. Once the world learned that this attentive father is also Mr. March in the upcoming FDNY 2020 Calendar of Heroes, a charitable calendar featuring animals adopted through animal care centers of New York City, people couldn’t click “follow” on Jimmy’s Instagram page fast enough!


Jimmy is such a great role model for other young fathers out there! Not only does he have a noble profession that warrants respect on its own merit, he’s showing others that strong, tough men can also be tender and loving parents. He’s also a funny guy, which only adds to his appeal!

Watch Jimmy and Kensley having their weekly spa talk in the videos below, and be sure to share.

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