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firefighter babysitters

Parents Rushed To Hospital In Ambulance Leave Kids Behind With Unlikely Sitters.

Firefighters are no strangers to the concept of “going above and beyond the call of duty.”

We’ve all heard stories about firefighters risking their lives to save others, putting their own personal lives on hold to respond to the call for help, and generally just being the best kind of heroes we could ever hope to have in our society. Yet the crew of Engine 3 in Harrisburg, North Carolina, recently stepped into a very different role to help a local family, and now their kindness is going viral.


It all started one February night when Steven Taylor suffered a medical emergency at home. His wife Tonya called for help, and soon the Harrisburg fire department was on the scene with emergency medical personnel. As the EMTs worked to help Steven, the scene became chaotic. Suddenly, the firefighters of Engine 3 realized that both parents needed to head to the hospital in the ambulance, leaving no one behind to care for the couple’s two young sons.

With their grandparents en route from the next county over, the men made the decision then and there — for the next 45 minutes or so, these kids, ages 1 and 7, would be in the safest hands in the world.


“Sometimes we do what needs to be done,” the fire department posted on Facebook. “So was the case at a medical call last night. The parents of these two guys needed to get to the hospital by ambulance and it was going to be about 30 minutes till Grandpa could make it from another county. The crew of Engine-3 to the rescue! The guys enjoyed the next bit being awesome kid sitters till family arrived, we love our community.”


While they waited for the kids’ grandparents to arrive, the firefighters entertained the boys like the best “mannies” in the world. Even though none of the men in this crew have kids of their own, they got down on the floor and played with the children as if they did it every day.

“We played hot wheels with the 7-year-old and Cooter took him outside and around the block,” explained firefighter Lee Dewitt. “Walked the little boy pushed him in his little car and kept him occupied.”


Firefighter Chris Carter says they didn’t bat an eye at becoming caregivers during the family’s hour of need.

“We all knew what needed to be done,” he said. “So, we needed to get the family the medical help they needed right away and it just became natural that we were all ready to just take care of the kids until grandma and grandpa were able to get there and take over.”


For the boys’ parents, this small act of kindness is one they won’t soon forget. “I wanted to thank the Harrisburg Fire Dept!” Tonya wrote in response to their post on Facebook. “Words can’t express how grateful we are you were there for us. We appreciate all of you for helping us.”

We’re sure this moment was “all in a day’s work” for this crew, but it sure makes us feel better knowing that these guys will do whatever it takes to keep our families safe.

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