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Woman Creates “Reverse” Food Truck, Turning Beer Into Food.

Food insecurity is a growing problem in the United States. In fact, one in six people don’t have the means or access to food that will provide them the nourishment and nutrition they need.

Jacquie Berglund is no stranger to the struggles families, and children in particular, face simply because of low incomes. Her family was by no means well-off when she was a kid. So, when she started her own business she knew she wanted to do her part to help those facing poverty and she came up with the idea to “turn beer into food.”


Jacquie launched the beer brand, Finnegans, with a goal to put all profit towards fighting hunger. At the time, she knew that in order to really make an impact against food insecurity, she’d have to get her beer into nearly every pub throughout Minnesota (where the brand started). Since then, it’s grown to be distributed across four midwestern states!

In addition to pub sales, Finnegans has a “reverse food truck” that allows people to donate to the cause in exchange for beer samples. This truck has become crazy-popular and has helped bring in donations from people at festivals, on the street, and even at weddings!


100% of profits from the company go towards purchasing organic produce from local farmers which are then distributed to local food banks. Not only does this provide food for those in need, but it provides healthy food that may otherwise be difficult for these families to purchase.

One of the biggest things that Jacquie wants to focus on is providing food that is nourishing and full of nutrients. Unfortunately, fresh produce (and healthier food in general) is expensive and it can spoil quickly, so those with limited funds for food end up purchasing less-healthy options and frozen food that will keep longer as a way to stretch their dollars.


Finnegans has been in business for nearly 20 years and has distributed close to two million pounds of produce to families in need. Jacquie wants to continue building the brand and the mission, and has even come up with ways to support other up-and-coming social entrepreneurs.

Who knew enjoying a cold beer at the end of the day could have the potential to do so much good?!

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