Finally, Somebody Explains What Music Does To Your Brain — Fascinating!

How many of you play an instrument? Mind you, I didn’t say play well… Turns out the radio counts too.

For most of us, music is a huge part of daily life. We listen throughout the day as a way to pass the time or just for pure enjoyment. We’ve all heard that listening to classical music increases brain activity, but lately scientists have made some astonishing discoveries about music and the brain.

Music listeners, and musicians in particular, experience a symphonic synaptic response when they pick up an instrument or throw on some headphones. When listening to music, the brain has the amazing ability to process meter, melody, lyrics, tempo and feel at lightning fast speeds. When playing, these processes become even more defined and bring the visual, auditory and motor cortices together in an incredible way.

Here’s our takeaway: It’s amazing to see how one activity can affect so many parts of the brain and the way we approach different situations. Be inspired to pick up an old instrument or a favorite record or two… create something for you!

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