This Father & Daughter Beatbox Battle Is Going Viral, At 1:10 My Jaw Was On The Floor!

It must be a funny thing for a parent to realize that their kid has become a former version of themselves. When parents say their proud, these are the moments they’re talking about.

Nicole Paris is a Youtube phenomenon who’s beatboxing talent is lighting up the internet. Here is one kid who’s skill has certainly surpassed her father’s.

In the video below, Nicole and her dad participate in what might be the most epic beatbox battle in recorded history.

Nicole’s dad kicks off the show with an otherworldly bass drop, till she takes her turn and steals the show.

Pappa Paris obviously has the best time ever watching his daughter do her thing. It really is something incredible to see.

In two weeks, the video has amassed nearly 2 million views. Check it out and leave your reactions in the comments below!

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