Baby Goats Can’t Get Enough Of Farmer’s Brilliant Way To Feed Them All At Once.

Feeding and caring for a trip of baby goats sounds like an exercise in frustration, but the farmer in this video has it down pat! As a bunch of adorable kids follow him eagerly across the lawn, we can’t help but wonder how he’s going to give them all a bottle of milk at the same time. Will he need a helping hand (or five) to keep them satisfied, or does he have some other ingenious solution to this age-old problem?

The answer is an example of true makeshift genius! The farmer built a special rack at the back of his property that holds 20 individual bottle slots. He carefully unloads full bottles of milk from a bucket and places one on each slot. Meanwhile, the babies jostle one another to find the perfect spot. Once every goat is lined up, the true cuteness begins. Their little black tails start to wag frantically because they’re so excited to be eating, and it’s just precious!

Watch feeding time at the farm to see those happy tails in action, and don’t forget to share this sweet video.

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