Instead Of Letting Refugees Die, One Family Spent $8 Million Dollars To Rescue Them All.

Last year, the European Union cut its search and rescue budget by 66% leaving thousands upon thousands of refugees vulnerable to death and suffering. In the wake of the continuing Syria Civil War, the death toll of persecuted people groups is 30 times higher than it was in January of last year.

Christopher Catrambone, the adventurer/entrepreneur CEO of Tangiers Group, and his family have spent 8 million dollars (so far) setting up their migrant offshore aid station (MOAS). The ocean going rescue operation patrols the Mediterranean 6 months of the year to rescue refugees fleeing oppression.

“If you see somebody drowning, whoever it is, you can’t turn your back on them. You have to help them.”


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Last year, the MOAS rescued over 3,000 people in two months. The MOAS provides medical care, basic necessities and most importantly safe passage to Europe. The project costs nearly $500,000 per month to stay at sea, so the Catrambone family has started a crowdfunding campaign so they can invest in new, life-saving technologies.

“I see children 4 or 5 years old that are supposed to have a happy childhood. Instead they are risking their lives on those boats. Their parents know that either they will make it to Europe, or they will not make it at all.”

Check out their incredible vision below and find out what you can do to help! 

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