Family Has No Idea Their “House Was Ablaze” Until Stranger Shows Up To Save Them.

Haily “Moss” Strong ringing doorbell

There’s not much more terrifying than seeing a house on fire in the middle of the night.

Haily “Moss” Strong was driving home from a friend’s house at around 1 a.m. when she saw just that — flames leaping up from the garage of a suburban home in Fairfield, Ohio. She turned her car towards the blaze and jumped out, rushing towards the front door.

The rest of the house was dark as Haily approached, and she feared the residents inside didn’t know their garage was on fire. A video doorbell captured the terrified look on her face as she frantically knocked on the door while speaking into the camera.

“You guys, garage is on fire,” she tells the strangers inside.

Josh Ellis and Brittany Downing were in their bedroom, right on the other side of the wall from the garage. Their smoke detectors were not going off, and they had no idea how close they were to an inferno. When they saw Haily at their front door, they immediately got up and started evacuating their nine children, who were all sleeping soundly in their beds.

As the family raced to get out, Haily never budged from her spot at the door.

“She stood there in the face of the fire and didn’t move,” Josh said. “She saved our lives because we didn’t smell it until that moment, but the house was already ablaze.”

Watching the footage later, Haily says she can see the fear and confusion on her face and remembers how worried she was.

“I didn’t know how many people were in the house, let alone there were that many kids,” she recalled. “I can see that I’m scared. I don’t remember feeling as scared as I look in the video. I just remember thinking I got to get these people out of here. I’ve got to get them across the street.”


A woman is being called a hero for saving a family in #Ohio from a raging house fire in the middle of the night. Haily “Moss” Strong is seen on a doorbell camera knocking and yelling at 1:06 a.m. Everyone in the family, including nine children, were woken up and got out safely. #news

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Thanks to Haily, all 11 family members made it out of the house safely!

A week after the dramatic rescue, Haily got to meet the family whose lives she saved. They couldn’t be more grateful that a total stranger went out of her way to warn them about a situation that could have quickly turned deadly.

“That’s an angel,” Josh said about Haily. “She saved our family, no exaggeration about that. She stayed and she saved our family. I mean, the house was ablaze.”

“All of the other outcomes that could have happened if she wouldn’t have stopped and knocked on the door,” Brittany agreed, tearfully explaining. “I don’t know if me and him would be here today for them kids.”

This family will forever be thankful that Haily was driving by that night. We shudder to think about what could have happened if she hadn’t rushed to their door to warn them.

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