Jimmy Fallon Challenges Fans To Find ‘Punniest’ Dads & The Results Are Hilarious.

The NCAA basketball championship tournament is absolutely taking over social media. Everyone is tweeting about #MarchMadness, but Jimmy Fallon recently had people tweeting about something else… #MarchDADNESS.

Fallon was inspired by the basketball tournament and asked his viewers to tweet their cheesiest dad jokes and dad moments, and he read some of the best on his show. Anyone who grew up with a goofy dad will definitely relate! Check out our favorite tweets below:

1. Ouch!


2. Buh dum


3. SON glasses… get it?

4. Don’t let Mom hear that one!


5. Standing by!

6. Pahk the cah

7. So embarrassing!


8. I’d love to see that!

9. Good one, Dad.

10. I would love to be in that elevator!


11. At least he’s got a good attitude after his injury!


12. Run Forrest!


13. Such a Dad-joke

14. I can so hear the Sean Connery voice!

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