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Children’s Hospital Transforms Boring Hallway Into Imaginative Underwater Scene.

Kids thrive when their imaginations are given room to run wild.

A children’s hospital recently encouraged just that by transforming a boring hallway into a stunning underwater scene that feels like something out of a Hollywood movie. The result is a playful space that could cheer up any little one!


Leggari Products of Pasco, Washington took on the project, using epoxy to turn the drab floor into a creative masterpiece.

This kind of resin is a growing trend in the home design industry. Epoxy floors are durable and easy to maintain. Since they’re hard to damage and wear down, they’re a great choice for schools, hospitals, and other high-traffic areas. Best of all, they are gorgeous when done properly!


This was definitely one of those times! The team layered different shades of blue to achieve a stunning wavelike effect, leaving us wondering how it all works. Luckily for us, Leggari shared a video of the process so we could find out!

In it, we see two men pouring the sleek-looking resin out and spreading it around using special rollers. After a few coats, the gorgeous depths of color begin to emerge!


To top it all off, they add a high-shine finish to give the floor a glossy sheen that resembles moving water.

The floor itself would have been enough, but they go on to make the entire hallway a work of art by adding 3-D murals to the walls. Everywhere we look, a cheerful pop of bright color awaits us!


We have to admit it: We’re hooked! This hallway is sure to cheer kids up and get their imaginations racing. What a great way to make those long days of tests and procedures a little easier.

Watch the video below to see this incredible design take shape, and be sure to share this story with anyone who could use a smile.

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