Emotional Puppy Can’t Contain His Excitement And Goes OFF THE WALLS At Owner’s Return!

Across the internet awaits an unlimited number of adorable animal videos, ready to pull on your heart strings. But the dog/owner reunions happen to be some of the best out there.

The reactions range from a fragile Schnauzer passing out on sight to a stolen pug miraculously returned. Whatever the case may be, you’re sure to have an “aww” moment. Sometimes they’re good for a laugh, too.

In this case, you get both. This tiny little pup simply can’t take seeing his owner again for the first time (in who knows how long)… it’s a combination of frantic, excited, and out-of-untrol love. This is more than worth one watch… it merits upwards of two… probably more.

Watch this touching video and you’re sure to get your dose of cute for the day.

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