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elvis and sinatra duet

Elvis Presley & Frank Sinatra Join Forces For An Awe-Inspiring “Love Me Tender” Duet.

Frank Sinatra, at least as the story goes, wasn’t a big fan of The King, and supposedly called the type of music he sang and performed “destructive” and “a rancid smelling aphrodisiac.”

But there are a lot of stories, many fabricated, about Elvis Presley, and perhaps this was one of them. Because why else would old Frankie record his own version of Elvis’s hit, “Love Me Tender” just four years after it was originally released?!

love me tender movie

“Love Me Tender” was released in the fall of 1956 and served as the theme song to the first of dozens of movies that Elvis starred in the following years. But Frank didn’t just record his own version, he actually got up and performed a duet with The King himself.

That performance came not long after Elvis finished his service with the Army in 1958, but it was only recently released to the public, much to the delight of fans of these two musical powerhouses!

elvis and frank singing

It’s not clear where this footage was taken, but these two generated their fair share of screams and cheers on their own, so you can guess how the audience responded when they sang it together.

frank sinatra and elvis

Elvis was a flashy performer and his hip thrusts and gyrating made all the girls swoon. But in this particular performance, he’s sharing the stage with Frank Sinatra, who’s decidedly less rambunctious. So Elvis slows it down a bit — okay, a lot — and goes with the flow, raising and lowering his shoulders like Frank and occasionally punctuating the music with a well-timed finger snap.

sinatra and elvis

But the girls scream themselves raw anyway, of course! And can you blame them? These guys are true class acts, will voices that could make anyone weak in the knees.

Ready for some nostalgia? Click on the video below to hear two of the most famous singers of all time perform one of the most beloved tunes of all time, and don’t forget to share with all your Elvis- and Sinatra-loving friends!