Deaf Woman Can Hear Thanks To Mother In Law’s Gift. Now Ellen Wants To Give Her A Surprise Too!

Just eight days before appearing on The Ellen Show, Sarah Churman had a surgery that gave her full hearing capabilities for the first time in her life. Sarah was born lacking hairs in the inside of her ears, the hairs which absorb sound waves. Because of this, Sarah spent the majority of her life completely deaf… until she had surgery on one ear which gave her partial hearing through a cochlear implant. But Sarah and her husband could only afford one of the $30,000 procedures as their insurance wouldn’t cover the second.


That’s when Sarah’s mother-in-law came in, paying for the entire procedure and giving the couple an incredible gift! She cashed in a small retirement fund that she had. As the camera fades back to Sarah, suddenly on the verge of tears, you can easily how much that act of kindness truly meant to her. But her husband’s mother insists that Sarah is worth the expense: “Sarah is the best daughter-in-law in the world.”

A video of Sarah hearing fully for the first time immediately went viral, and incredibly enough it even got the attention of Ellen Degeneres.

Knowing of her inspiring story, Ellen surprised Sarah with a gift for Envoy Medical Corporation – the company that supplied Sarah with the original implant – not only giving Sarah the next procedure for free, but also giving $30,000 to ‘pay her back.’ The emotions following this gesture could bring anyone to tears.

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