Elite Athletes Try To Sing The Olympic Theme Song, Their Failed Attempts Will Crack You Up!

gabby douglas

As we have previously mentioned, this year’s Team USA Olympians aren’t winning any gold medals for their singing skills. But there’s one song you might think they’d have down… The “Olympic Fanfare and Theme.” Right?


One would presume that they would have played the tune again in again in their heads as they recall the various, special ceremonies they have been a part of. But as it turns out, some of the Olympians can’t quite get the tune right.

Vincent Hacock and Lauren Crandall, of Olympic shooting and Olympic field hockey respectively, start us out with some pretty accurate “da”s before several swimmers, weightlifters, and sailors attempt to join in.

Swimmer Ryan Lochte has a particularly laughable solo. He clearly lacks any kind of musical talent. Someone off-camera softly sings the theme, trying to help him out, and he still struggles to match the tune. You’d think after 12 Olympic medals he’d at least have some idea!

Then canoe/kayaker Michael Smolen tries it in his best falsetto. Atleast Kaitlyn Verfuerth of wheelchair tennis, is honest and comes in laughing: “I’m not a singer!” Gymnast Gabby Douglas echoes her sentiment, and accidentally hums the “Here comes the bride” wedding march. Whoops!

Rugby player Alev Kelter sounds like she might be singing the Imperial March from Star Wars… But we understand the confusion! Star Wars’ composer, John Williams, also wrote “Olympic Fanfare and Theme,” inspired by 1958’s “Bugler’s Dream,” written by Leo Arnaud.

Sailor Briana Provancha also sings the wrong tune, as does diver Kassidy Cook. Cook is another favorite; she doesn’t realize she’s sung anything wrong until someone off camera laughs at her. “Oh!” she laughs, “I totally messed that one up!”

But Conor Dwyer sums the whole video up perfectly: “Nailed it.”

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