Zoo Surveillance Cam Captures Elephant Family Rush Into Pool To Save Baby From Drowning.

Elephants are known for having a single-minded focus on protecting the family unit. A video of two adult Asian elephants in a South Korean zoo further proves this as they can be seen rushing to the aid of a baby elephant after it toppled into a pool.


The baby was never in any real danger, but, “elephants are drama queens, especially the females. If anything kind of dramatic happens in the family, it is cause for great excitement,”said Joyce Poole, a National Geographic explorer and co-founder of ElephantVoices. “It is part of the bonding process.â€


The video, posted on June 20, shows a mother and her one-year-old baby hanging out poolside at the Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea. About three seconds in, the baby falls in. The 13-year-old mother helplessly paces back and forth as an older elephant rushes over from the other side of the pool.


Poole explained that the baby wasn’t actually drowning; when elephants swim, they simply raise their trunks above the water and continue to breathe.

In this instance, the two adults rushed to the shallow end of the pool and guided the little one back to safety. All the while, a third adult, separated from the action by a fence, is obviously agonized as it rapidly paces back and forth throughout the rescue.


What an incredible example of compassion!

Take a look at the rescue operation below, and share! 

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