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This Video Of Young Men Helping Elderly Couple Into Their Van Will Warm Your Heart.

We should all strive to be “color-blind” in our society.

We know that judging people based on their appearances or ethnicity is wrong, but there are still plenty of people out there who assume the worst of anyone who doesn’t happen to look like they do. In a video that’s swiftly going viral on the web, we get a glimpse of the sort of everyday interactions that we hope will one day eradicate those preconceived notions and lead to a more harmonious society.


The video is short and contains very little information aside from what we can see with our own eyes. In a sunny parking lot, an elderly couple is struggling to get into their van. The woman is clearly handicapped; she trembles and shakes, leaning heavily on a motility cart as she tries unsuccessfully to maneuver her body into the passenger seat. Her husband, also stooped with age and quite feeble, stands next to her and attempts to help, but you can see he simply does not have the strength.

The people who do have the strength to help, and who stepped up to do so without even being asked, are a pair of young African American men who happened to be in the parking lot that day. As the old woman shakes, these kind young men gently guide her towards the seat, tentatively putting their hands on her body to help her get where she needs to be.


The men in this video are wearing baggy pants, and we wonder how many people judged them based solely on their choice of clothing or their hairstyles. Yet what they’re doing is demonstrating basic kindness and respect for their elders, and we should all be doing that each and every single day!

Well done, young men! We hope people will see this video and remember that good neighbors come in all different forms.

Watch the video below and be sure to share it to encourage more love and acceptance.

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