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vape dance

Man Asks Cashier To Play Song, Then Shares Sweet Dance With His Wife In The Store.

Anyone who has worked retail knows that most shifts are uneventful. Typically, they’re filled with average interactions with average customers before clocking out and not thinking about work again until the next day.

But recently, an employee at Vapor Wireless in Madison, Wisconsin, had two customers come into his store who left him so inspired, he had to share the heartwarming experience online. And now, it’s making others feel all warm and fuzzy inside, too!


According to the employee, who shared the video on Reddit, the couple came in and inquired about the store’s Bluetooth speakers, wanting to hear the sound quality. The gentleman asked the cashier to play “Drive” by Alan Jackson and the employee happily agreed.

A security camera caught the adorable exchange that took place after. In it, the gentleman walks back up to the register, where his wife is standing, and he extends his arms to meet her. Then, the two begin to dance!


The couple seem to be in their own world as they share their sweet dance. The employee smiles before walking away to let them have their moment. They didn’t seem to notice him in the first place, though, as they are clearly too swept up in each other to even care if anyone is watching.


Since the video was posted, users have fallen head over heels for the sweet couple saying, “I’m having a bad night. This made me smile. Thank you for sharing it,” and, “He’s still got it!”


Check out the adorable dance break in the video below — and be sure to share with anyone who could use a little spontaneous joy today.

This nice couple stopped in our vape shop. The gentlemen asked to hear how the bluetooth speakers sound. once i turned on his requested song, this is what ensued. from MadeMeSmile

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