Lyft Driver Surprises Cashier Who Walked 11 Miles To Work Every Day With A New Car.

When David Daniels, a Lyft driver in Louisiana, picked up a passenger in the pouring rain back in November, he didn’t expect the man to be so cheerful.

David had been having a hard day, and the weather wasn’t making his mood any better. But as soon as Ed Hays Jr. got into his car, it was like everything brightened up!

“On rainy days, people are normally in a foul mood,” David told GMA. “[Ed] came in [my car] … he was so excited. I asked, ‘How’s your night going?’ He said, ‘It couldn’t be better. I just found out I got promoted at my job to lead cashier.'”

On their way from Shreveport to Bossier City, where Ed works the night shift at a local gas station, Ed mentioned that he usually walks to and from work. He had decided to treat himself to a Lyft ride to celebrate his promotion, and David was stunned to hear that Ed was walking about 11 miles total.

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“I said, ‘Are you kidding me? You walk that far every day?'” David recalled. “So after walking 6 miles to work the graveyard shirt, he was walking 6 miles back to his house.”

david and ed

Ed’s positive attitude stayed with David even after the two of them parted ways. If anyone deserved a helping hand, it was Ed, so David took to TikTok and rallied his followers to make it happen!

He posted a video explaining Ed’s story and asked anyone who could to donate on GoFundMe. His plan was to raise enough money to buy Ed a used car — and it couldn’t have gone better!

After bringing in over $6,800, David got in touch with SBC Autos and arranged to give Ed a 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis! What’s more, he paid for six months of car insurance and gave Ed a $500 gift card for gas.


Meet Ed. One of the most humble humans I know. GoFundMe link is in my Bio. #fyp

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As for Ed? He’s still trying to wrap his mind around the fact that David, a complete stranger, went out of his way to make his life easier.

“I was never expecting all of this. I give him all credit for everything he’s doing,” Ed said. “He’s like a saint.”

Enjoy your new car, Ed, and keep spreading joy to the people around you! That’s a gift in itself, one that’s even more precious than a new ride.

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